Ambulance Technicians


  • 1. Certificate of Good Standing issued by the training school (issued within the last three months).
  • 2. Certified copies of AT Certificates, O’Level certificate (English, Mathematics and Science included). NB: RGN Registration and Practicing Certificate required for those without Mathematics
  • 3. Two recent testimonials from professional supervisors/school of training (relative to the last six months).
  • 4. One recent passport-size photograph.
  • 5. Certified Copy of national ID document.
  • 6. Certified copy of Drivers Licence
  • 7. Affidavit of work experience (If you have 3 months or more from the time of qualification or if you have already started practising without being registered)
  • 8. Confirmation letter of employment from employer (for those who are employed)

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